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Saturday, June 10, 2000

On our first day out, we put three states behind us and poked our way into a fourth. Starting at four this morning, we made it all the way across California, Nevada and Utah. We landed in Evanston, Wyoming, tonight at 7:30 and here we stay, at the first Best Western we came across.

It was a hard day of driving, but I wasn't asked to do any of it. Since I've been up since 7:30 yesterday morning (what is that, 36 hours?), I wouldn't have been a good candidate to take control of a vehicle with six people onboard. I could barely hold my own head up for most of the day, and some of the desert scenery was less than stimulating. At least I didn't have any back problems all day.

Road signs in California (left) and Utah (right) sent us different messages as we made our way across the West.

Newcastle, CaliforniaSomewhere in Utah

When we lit out so early this morning it was dark, and those of us who weren't driving nodded off periodically. After an initial surge of energy, David lapsed into a sound sleep. His friends had given him a surprise birthday party the night before, and he'd celebrated vigorously. He'd actually left the party early, around two, but that still didn't give him time to recover. He was fine the rest of the day, though, after his nap.

Rest stops like this one in Nevada (left) made us appreciate the accommodations at our motel in Evanston (right).

Between Lovelock and WinnemuccaEvanston, Wyoming

All of us were a bid rummy at dinner tonight, but we made the best of each other's company. We laughed a lot, but I'm not sure we always knew what we were laughing about. At one point Suzanne asked me why I'd crossed my eyes, which I hadn't realized I'd done. I think I told her it had something to do with the Caesar dressing being a bit strong.

John and Suzanne like to get started early in the morning, but they've generously allowed those of us who don't to sleep in some tomorrow. The plan is to meet for breakfast at nine. Since we covered 800 miles today and have only about 400 to go - and don't have to be there in Estes Park until Monday afternoon - we have (for once) a chance to take our time and do some real sightseeing. I don't know what there will be to see as we travel across southern Wyoming and into Colorado, but by tomorrow I'll be up for it.

For tonight, all I'm up for is sleep.

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