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Monday, June 24, 2002

I don't know how people who actually work for a living do it. How can a person sit at a desk all day and maintain concentration? More to the point, how can a person sit all day and not get eyestrain, backache and a pinching feeling at the base of the neck? This was one of those days for me, and I can't tell you how grateful I am that it's the exception, not the rule.

It's going to be like this all week, I'm afraid. I'm not sure how I'm going to pretend to have a life interesting enough to record, if all I'm doing is pounding on the keyboard. I could probably make that sound special for one entry, if I really worked hard on it. But after working like that all day, I don't have any energy left in me, creative or otherwise. No poetry, that's for sure.

This upcoming vacation will be well-earned. Or if not well-earned, at least much-needed, because I'm trying to get through three weeks' work in one. I usually divide the workload proportionally to the amount of time I have each day, but I have a couple of obstacles to overcome here.

I have to think so far ahead ( up to at least a few days after I get back, so that my first day won't be ... well, like this) that something is likely to slip through the cracks. And I have to remember things like payroll tax deposits, which I try to do on the same day each week. If I forget before I leave, they'll be seriously late by the time I return, and the penalties are severe.

Sure, I work every day, but not at one task all day, the way I did today. It involved a deadline, and it was something state requires so we can bid on two jobs later this week, so I had no choice. I couldn't follow the usual procedure of leaving it until the very last minute, because (through no fault of anyone's but the state's) this is the last minute. I'll have to put my procrastination off for another day.


Looking around the corner of the house at the overgorwn garden.

If for no other reason, I have to get away so I can start reading all those books I bought last week. I'd love to have as little as half an hour in the middle of the day to sit and read. It just doesn't seem to be happening, not this week anyway. I've been getting through a few chapters of The Shipping News every night, but by the time I can sit and read, it's time for bed. And usually by the time I go to bed, it's almost time to get up.

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