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Monday, June 27, 2005

I had my grumpy Monday face on today, and too bad for anybody who got in my way. Thatís a short list, thank goodness. Most people stayed clear of me. I tried hard to use a neutral tone of voice when talking with customers and co-workers. I didnít try so hard when the credit card company wanted me to transfer a balance, even though they werenít offering me a lower rate than the other card.

And I wasnít receptive at all when the charity called. I donít even remember which one it was, but it was one that canít take a hint. I guess thatís what makes them successful, the fact that they never give up no matter how many times the phone is slammed in their ears. I have limited resources and I choose my charities carefully. Cold phone calls are not part of the vetting process, so they might as well give up.

In person Iím not nearly as rude as I am on the phone. Maybe itís because I donít want to get kicked, slapped or punched, but I think itís more that itís harder to be impolite to someone whose face you can see. For the most part Iím a people person, and I always try to show respect for others. Itís just that the voice at the other end of a telephone line isnít always a ďpersonĒ to me.

And to be fair to myself, they donít always act like real people when they call you to try to get you to change phone companies or subscribe to the newspaper. Youíre just a number on a list. If I give them a good reason to move on quickly, Iím really doing them a favor, because Iím not going to buy anything from then no matter how nice they are to me.

6 June 2005

Birds of prey.

As always, there was one exception to my rule to offend everyone I came into contact with. Tammy and the kids dropped by to pick something up from me. The little boys were strapped into their seats in the back of the minivan, and I only had five minutes to talk to them, but since I got smiles from all three of them, it was pretty much the highlight of my day. Itís definitely the only thing I did today that Iíd like to remember tomorrow.

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Okay, you can just cut out the trade rumors involving the Giants. Just because this season is going nowhere doesnít mean itís time to dump players. What a foolishly counterproductive enterprise that would be. Iíve heard that Jason Schmidt, the teamís best pitcher, was headed to the Orioles, Mets, Yankees, every team but the two or three teams whose records are even worse than the Giantsí. Itís not going to happen (and if it does, Iíll never forgive Brian Sabean). Itís not going to happen because, duh, thereís always next season. You donít think the Giants are going to be this bad two years in a row, do you? (Well, they might be, if they unload their top players. But, as I said. Not gonna happen.)

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