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Thursday, June 1, 2006

People I talked to on the phone today seemed to think I sounded better than I have for a while. After going to the doctor yesterday, I guess I am more than a little relieved about my wrist, and a tiny bit anxious about my blood pressure. But the funny thing is that my wrist was still hurting today, just as much as yesterday, and my blood pressure tested within the range the doctor set as my goal.

I did fine drinking decaf instead of regular coffee this morning. I knew I would, because Iíve given up caffeine many times in the past. I donít know if that was the reason I fell asleep in my chair a little after 4:00 this afternoon and didnít wake up until almost 5:30. I suppose that could have had something to do with it. It might also be that the load of worry has been lightened enough to let me relax more than I have been.

As for the blood pressure, Mom insisted that I needed a kit like hers. She tests herself several times a day, so she picked one up and brought it by this afternoon. She showed me how to use it the first time, and my blood pressure was almost exactly on the goal of 130/80 that the doctor set (it was 129/78). I took it again a few hours later, and I had to wrestle with the cuff that you put around your arm, and as a result (I assume), my pressure was up to 148/81.

By the way, I have no idea what it was in the doctorís office yesterday. I didnít ask. And Iíve already been nagged about that, so thereís no need to add to the chorus. Next time Iíll ask, okay?

1 June 2006

A single rose grows in my "garden."

I did some Debbie Reynolds-type exercises this morning, and I think I probably ate a little less than I have been lately. Not better, necessarily, but less. I can give up caffeine a lot more easily than I could give up ice cream, thatís for sure. But I eat bran cereal in the morning, and fruits are my usual snacks of choice, and Iím old enough to decide what my one vice is going to be. I might even allow myself two vices, as far as that goes. Life has to be worth living, as long as youíre not killing yourself.

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Aiden turned two today, and what a wild and amazing two years it has been. I have a feeling that the next two years are going to be even wilder and more amazing. He has a mind that never stops working, a wicked sense of humor, and a thoroughly winning personality. I donít see any limits to what this child can achieve in his life. All he has to do is decide where he wants the journey to take him.

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