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Saturday, June 3, 2006

How do you measure the success of a childís second birthday party? Aidenís was marked by very few negative indicators. No big meltdowns at all. He fussed a little when he had to have a Band-Aid put on his finger, but we already knew he didnít like Band-Aids. And once he saw his John Deere wheelbarrow, he didnít want any more presents; he wanted the world to stop while Daddy put his new wheelbarrow together.

Other than that, though, he was in a good mood all day and as much the life of the party as he is every day. Even when there isnít a party.

There was no reason for anybody not to have fun, thatís for sure. The kids had a jump house and a water slide, among other amusements. And the adults? Well, for one thing, they enjoyed the benefit of having the kids all occupied in the jump house or on the water slide. All of us shared a glorious North Bay late spring day, so it was a joyous occasion all around.

3 June 2006

Aiden got a hard hat for his birthday. More pictures here.

And Aiden is now two. Actually, his birthday was two days ago, but like anyone who can get away with it, heís willing to celebrate all week. All month, maybe. Iím not sure everyone else would be up for a party every day, but Aiden loves being around people. Heís a very social two-year-old, and he can carry on his side of the conversation just fine. Heís never at a loss for words, and they always mean something. To him, at least.

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The Giants and Mets were supposed to play a game last night and another one today. Because of rain in New York, they couldnít play last night, so they were going to play two today. It was still raining when they were ready to start, but they waited two and a half hours to get going, and the Giants came from behind to win, 6-4. The second game was still tied in the eleventh inning when the Mets pushed across a run for a 3-2 win. Thatís nineteen innings in one day, and they have to come back and play at least nine more tomorrow (unless it rains). These are two teams with a lot of older players, but the Mets also have several exciting young players, and the Giants won the opener on the first major league hit by catcher Eliezer Alfonzo, a two-run homer.

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