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Saturday, June 17, 2006

For the last four years or so before I went to the doctor last month, I refused to stand on the bathroom scales. Weight, being just a number, wasnít anything I was interested in. I just wanted to feel good in my own body. Which I didnít, most of the time, but I donít know that keeping a weight log would have helped.

Then the nurse made me stand on the scale at the doctorís office, and I was horrified by the number. When I got home I stood on my own scale, and it wasnít much better but a lot less than the doctorís number. Then I forgot about it, until today, when I stood on the scale again.

It seems Iíve lost four pounds. Thatís not much, but at least itís something. Itís especially encouraging considering the fact that I havenít tried very hard to do anything about it except eat a little less and exercise a little more. I have eaten less, but not much less, and Iíve exercised more, but not much more. Result: a four-pound loss. Better than a four-pound gain, and at least a slight incentive to keep going, and maybe even try a little harder.

16 June 2006

Lots of people in this photo, but for some reason all I can see is Kylie's face.

Today was perfect, in that it was still hot but started cooling off late in the afternoon. It stayed hot all last night, making it impossible to sleep and uncomfortable to try, but tonight is going to be a different story. Oh, I still wonít sleep, but it wonít be because of the heat.

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The Giants must be wondering why the Mariners arenít in first place in their division (theyíre in third right now). In the two games the teams have played so far this weekend, theyíve shown timely hitting, power, and excellent pitching. Today they beat the Giants, 8-1, by doing what they did last night (getting ahead early in the game) and then going it one better (piling on more runs late). This was how the Giants won the last two games in Phoenix, but the pickings in Seattle seem to be a lot slimmer. The Marinerís pitcher in todayís game, Gil Meche, went into the ninth with a four-hit shutout going, but settled for a five-hitter after Ray Durham led off the inning with the Giantsí only offense of the day, a home run.

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