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Monday, June 19, 2006

Nobody wants to hear it. Everybody has their own problems. Itís the same answer every time they ask the question anyway, and if what Iím supposed to say is, ďIím feeling okay,Ē thatís what Iíll say. Itís not that theyíre not genuinely interested in my wellbeing. Itís more that I get tired of sounding like a whiny, complaining wimp.

So, for the record, I have frequent pain all up and down my right arm, and when Iím not in pain Iím on the razorís edge of doing something that will cause the pain to come back. But itís not debilitating pain, and apparently (if Iím reading the doctor right), itís not going to get any better or worse no matter what I do. So I live with it, the way many people with much more severe pain do. The way I look at it, they have a right to complain. I donít.

I havenít made the appointment yet, but Iíll tell the doctor exactly what Iím feeling when I go in for the follow-up. Heís not much interested in a little pain when he has my high blood pressure to deal with. I have news for him, though. My blood pressure has been well within the goal he set almost every time Iíve taken it, even on the most stressful of days. (Okay, it was a little higher today, but it was Monday, and— well, it was Monday. Letís leave it at that.)

18 June 2006

Titus dropped by for a visit yesterday.

Will I stick to the plan? Probably not. Most likely if anyone asks me how Iím feeling, Iíll decide on the spot whether to stick to the plan or tell the truth. Most of the time I donít even think about how it feels, between twinges, unless somebody does ask. I guess if I have to think about it, the answer is, ďIím okay.Ē

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When the Giants played the Angels in the 2002 World Series, there was a place on the stairs where I sat to watch the games. Iím not superstitious, except where baseball is concerned. I felt that if I moved from that spot something bad would happen. I was almost ready to take up that spot on the stairs again tonight, watching the Giantsí 21-year-old pitcher Matt Cain work on a no-hitter against the Angels in an interleague game. Then I remembered that the Giants lost that World Series. In the end, it didnít matter, because Chone Figgins singled with two outs in the eighth to break up the no-hitter. Cain finished the inning, Armando Benitez finished the game, and the Giants got away with a nifty 2-1 win.

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