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Friday, June 23, 2006

Ah, this is more like it. After a week of hundred-degree heat, a cooling breeze came up this afternoon. The air feels a lot different tonight, and I think that means sleep will come more easily. To people who actually sleep, anyway. Weíve moved from the brick oven to the meat locker in the span of a few hours, and as much as I like hot weather, Iím not complaining.

Or maybe itís just that I donít like the heat as much as I used to. I do like the sunshine, though. I know that for sure, and that will never change. Iíll take one cloudy day a year, when I can take 365 cloud photos, and then gladly spend the rest of the time under blue skies, day after day after day. I promise I wouldnít get bored with it.

Itís been a few days, but Iíve been doing nothing but working. Suzanne and I went out for coffee yesterday afternoon (iced coffee, that is) and caught up on our lives. Mom and I went to breakfast this morning while her car was having some recall work done. I havenít seen much of anybody else.

Aiden went to his first Giants game this week and loved it. He charmed all the folks in the stands around him and paid attention to the action on the field. Well, that isnít surprising, is it? He notices everything, and he interacts with adults easily and gracefully. Today at Target, prompted by Tammy to say hello to the cashier, he said, ďHi, lady. I eat French fries a lot.Ē

16 June 2006

Kylie at nine months.

And Kylie is now fully mobile. She crawls up and down the hallway and in and out of all the rooms in her house, making it a lot easier on Tammy. She doesnít have to carry her around, and she always knows where she is because she follows her mama around the house. There are piles of toys for her to play with in every room. She also had her nine-month checkup this week and was pronounced completely healthy (at 17 pounds, 13 ounces).

And thatís all the news I have. I donít usually write about other peopleís adventures unless Iím a part of them, but I donít have much to say about myself these days, and I havenít seen the kids all week. So there you go. No apologies.

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Sometimes a team thatís having trouble scoring runs has to improvise. In a tie game in the bottom of the eighth, after being walked for the third time in the game, Barry Bonds stole second and scored a run on a broken-bat bloop single to center by Pedro Feliz. Bonds hadnít stolen a base in two years, and this one was a bit unusual, because it wasnít on a pitch. He looked as if heíd been picked off first base, but he beat the throw to second, then limped home on Felizís hit. Unfortunately, the scenario depends on the Giantsí high-priced closer doing his job, instead of giving up two runs in the ninth and turning a 3-2 win into a 4-3 loss to the Aís.

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