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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Things are starting to get back on track, Iím happy to say. I have a few flare-ups in my wrist today, but none of them lasted long enough to slow me down for long. In fact, every so often I welcome the excuse to take a break and sit and read. I think Iíve started to get into a routine of finding time to read every day while Iím icing down my wrist.

Wednesday is my second favorite work day (after you-know-what) because I deliberately underschedule myself. That gives me a chance to catch up on some of the tasks that Iíve been putting off that are important, but not important enough to force me to make extra time for them.

Today, for example, I balanced the bank statement, a typical Wednesday task. The fact that it was the May bank statement and itís now almost July? Well, thatís pretty typical, too.

Sure, there might be some Wednesdays when I take advantage of not having anything scheduled by actually not doing anything. But thatís not an entirely bad thing, either. I donít think I could sell it to the Boss, but I believe in my heart that it makes me a better office drone the other four days of the week (plus Saturday and Sunday, half the time).

2 June 2006

Blackberry blossoms.

Anyway, today was a productive day, and I even found time for a little diversion. Tammy brought all four kids by for a brief visit this afternoon. There was music playing, so the three boys showed me their dance moves. Dakota swayed his hips around like a hula dancer while D.J. did something that looked like that Krump business I saw on TV last week. (Itís mostly just flailing arms and legs around, as far as I can tell.)

Aidenís dancing looks a little like his running, all high-stepping and arm-swinging, and with a look on his face as if he has some mischief on his mind. And there are words to his dancing, too: ďBoogie, boogie, boogie, whoa!Ē On the ďwhoa,Ē he plops down on his rear and looks up with a grin.

Kylie slept. Or maybe she knew whose house she was visiting and was just playing possum the whole time.

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The Giants scored all their runs in the third inning tonight, but thanks to the Rangers, who walked Barry Bonds to load the bases, it was enough. Ray Durham followed with a grand slam, and the Giants went on to win, 5-1, behind the pitching of Noah Lowry, who dominated the Rangers into the eighth inning. Steve Kline got the last four outs without incident (unlike last nightís near-blowup by the bullpen). Bonds got his first outfield assist of the season, the Giants turned two double plays, and the defense featured brilliant plays by Randy Winn and Omar Vizquel.

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