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Friday, June 1, 2007

The thing about yard work is that if you donít do it every day, you end up doing the same thing every time. The last time I had the mower out of the garage, I used it to cut the center strip of the driveway. Then yesterday I finally got around to using the mower again, and I had to cut the same stretch of grass. Then today, I used the weed trimmer on the entrance from the driveway to the garden, and along the path to the front door. Thatís exactly what I whacked the last time, too.

Somehow Iím going to have to convince myself to schedule yard time every day. Now that the days are as long as theyíre going to get, more or less, and the weather is pretty much the same all the time, maybe I can get a little done every day. I could definitely use the exercise. Thatís pretty obvious from the fact that I donít last longer than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. (And then afterward I canít hold a water glass without my whole arm shaking.)

Today I worked outside between 5:00 and 5:30 pm. Almost as soon as I came back into the house, the Boss phoned. ďI donít want to impose on you,Ē he said, ďbut do you feel like tweaking these cost reports a bit?Ē I had made the mistake of faxing him cost reports early enough in the day that he had time to mull them over and come up with some changes he wanted made.

I know I could have got out of it if Iíd wanted to, but I told him Iíd work on them for a while. Itís just simpler that way. It would have been even simpler if Iíd waited until later in the day to send him anything that might come back to bite me, but I wanted to get the reports off my desk. You can see how well that worked out.

13 May 2007

Aiden and Jack the winery dog.

This photo by Tammy from a couple of weeks ago is the latest decent shot I have of Aiden. He turned three today, and heís still amazing us every day. Heís thoughtful and imaginative beyond his years. He has a way of pulling you into his world and making you feel that what he has to say is the most important thing you could possibly hear. He has what his daddy had at that age, a presence that draws you to him. It wonít be long before heís in school, and Iím not sure whether to envy his teachers or pity them.

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