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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sometimes a day turns out to be pretty much a lost cause. At least, thatís how I look at it when I compare what I planned to do with what I actually got done. Today was one of those days. Because I had to drop everything in the middle of the day to attend to a payment that had to be sent overnight to a supplier, and then come home to type a six-page letter the Boss had faxed to me while I was gone, none of my routine Thursday items got finished.

And yet, I did get the payment situation handled to everyoneís satisfaction (so far, and assuming UPS comes through as promised — and paid for). And I did get that letter typed, and revised, and revised again. (Plus, itís an important letter, in the sense that anything involved in keeping the Company afloat is important to my well-being and that of about two dozen other people, and their families, and other companies that we deal with, and, letís face it, probably some people I donít even know about, when it comes right down to it.)

So yeah, today was a lost cause, and yet I got a lot done. How does that fit on the rťsumť that with any luck Iíll never need?

Anyway, at some point late in the day, I gave up on getting anything else done. And yet, somehow I found time to write and post a journal entry. It shows where my priorities are, I guess, and I wish I could find a way to turn that into a positive bullet point on my CV.

27 June 2007

Path to my front door (and you should have seen the before picture).

This supplier payment was a little extra work we took on within a job that weíre already working on. The owner asked the Boss to handle things with this supplier, because apparently nobody but the Boss can get along with him. Go figure. Nobody can stand either of these guys except each other.

Please allow slight exaggeration for artistic license and dramatic effect. Thank you.

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