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Friday, June 1, 2012

Suzanne didn't break her foot on Wednesday just so that I would have a chance to see Aiden on his birthday today, but it worked out that way. So I guess I owe her a latte, or something like that. She took an awful tumble down some concrete steps and heard the bone breaking but managed to drive Alexander to his other grandmother's house and herself to the x-ray lab before the shock wore off and she realized she couldn't walk any more.

Now she's wearing something called a gel boot, which is nothing like Jellies sandals or rubber boots, but it does immobilize her foot so that she doesn't do any more damage. She'll wear that for the next six weeks, and she's also getting around (when she gets around at all) on crutches. She's in pain but taking something to lessen it, so she's functioning, even if she's not very mobile.

The irony of the timing is that Eric and Kat are on their honeymoon, and Suzanne has been Alex's main caregiver all week. He's the easiest baby to take care of, but even the easiest baby needs to be chased after once in a while, so some of us who are close to Suzanne (and who have the time and ability) have been helping out. I have played a small part the last two days, and it has been a pleasure to do so, even though it's not a pleasure to see my sister in pain.

So that's how I happened to be there when David brought Aiden and Kylie by for a quick visit this afternoon. Kylie had a sunburn from an event that should never have happened (blame the school, not the parents), so she advised me that I could hug her as long as I didn't touch her shoulders. Aiden was perfectly willing to be fully hugged on his eighth birthday, and I was very happy to oblige.

11 January 2012

Rock star Aiden.

Aiden has brought such joy to our lives over the past eight years that I get a little misty when I think of how much he's grown up. I remember the day he was born, even if he doesn't, but even more I remember many days since then that have been more fun and more interesting because he's been in them.

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