bunt sign
"I'll be home soon, Ma. They're starting to throw me the curve."
--Anonymous rookie at his first (and last) spring training

March 2001

March 1 Another Preposition Entirely
March 2 Middling Miracles
March 3 Please Pull the Trigger
March 4 That's Me in the Corner
March 5 I Shot an Elephant in My Pajamas
March 6 Inconspicuous
March 7 Prevent Petal Blight
March 8 Sleeping in the Fast Lane
March 9 Disarmed
March 10 A Choice Saturday
March 11 Paying for My Sins
March 12 Waterlogged
March 13 Marathon Jam
March 14 Read the Sign
March 15 Adrift in a Murky Sea
March 16 Resume Speed
March 17 Grace
March 18 Water, Water Everywhere
March 19 Pass/Fail
March 20 Paint by Numbers
March 21 Losing the Edge
March 22 Borrowing Trouble
March 23 Call Me
March 24 Hearing Things
March 25 I Have a Little List
March 26 Health Matters
March 27 Tempest in a Teaspoon
March 28 Cross Purposes
March 29 Being Green
March 30 A Spring Breaks
March 31 The View from Behind Third Base

up through the oak tree

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