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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Something caught up with me today and put a few bumps in my road to recovery. I battled through as much of it as I could, mostly because I had to. For the most part it was okay. I got as much work done as I could have expected.

Itís impossible not to start taking things for granted, once youíve had a couple of good days. Just when it seems as if the sun will shine forever, back come the clouds. I got a good start today, and I even bragged about how well I was doing. Big mistake. Hubris and all that.

Itís not as if I can turn off the workload, or even leave it for a better day. It just keeps piling up until the very sight of it makes me sick. I had to fight through the rough patches today, because I couldnít stand to see the light at the end of this get dimmer.

But it turned out to be a little too much. In the middle of the afternoon I started feeling weak, and by six oíclock tonight I had a raging headache. I took what I needed to take, and I tried to shut my body down for repairs. It took forever for the headache to get better, but it never did go away entirely. I didnít spend as much time in the recliner as I did this past awful Saturday, but it was a similar quality of misery that kept me there most of the evening.

What this means for tomorrow Iím not sure. Big things are happening with the company right now, and the pressure is back on. The only option I have is to keep going, to try to pace myself, and to get past this bad stretch. Itís such a disappointment, though, to think youíve turned the corner and then run into a brick wall.

3 March 2005

Cloud menace.

One thing I did for myself this afternoon was take an hour to pay a visit to Tammy and the boys. I still had D.J.ís birthday present to give him, and I got three badly needed big hugs from him. I donít know how I could have got through the day without that detour.

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Iíd like to say Nikko Smith was robbed, but since I didnít vote for him I shouldnít complain. I just thought he was safe enough to get through to the finals, and Anwar Robinson was so amazing Monday night I had to reward him with the ten or so votes I cast. If Iíd known Nikko was on the bubble, I would have thrown my support his way. Iím going to miss him. (This is American Idol talk, in case you didnít know. And by the way, I was perfectly fine with the other three expulsions tonight.)

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