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Friday, March 11, 2005

Remember a week ago when I said the Big Project was finished? (Donít worry. I canít remember a week ago, either.)

Well, the Boss and I spent most of the day working on those very spreadsheets that I released to him last Friday. Fine tuning, sure. Plugging holes. Correcting a few minor errors. And making one big decision about how to identify some of our costs as asset purchases rather than expenses.

I should understand this stuff better, since Iím the one who has to do the detail work on it. But the details are all I see, really. I do what Iím told, and the chips fall wherever the wind blows them.

It took us well into the night to get as far as we did, but mostly that was my fault. I took time out to do a little self-maintenance today. I bought groceries for the first time since I was sick, and I had lunch with Suzanne this afternoon. I also had a couple of long phone conversations that nourished my soul more than any spreadsheet ever could.

So if I have to make up for all that by working through the weekend, I can live with that. To my mind, weíre at the end of the process, and the worksheets can go to the accountant just as they are. But then, thatís pretty much how I felt a week ago, as far as I can remember.

14 March 2005

Giant pussy willow.

Apparently Iím exactly where I was last Friday, except thereís been a week of sickness and trauma and exhaustion in between. Iím trying not to remember last Saturday, but I was pretty vividly laid out like a corpse most of the day. Itís the kind of a day you should forget but canít.

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One of the toughest things about working on spreadsheets until 7:00 pm is that the days have been so warm and the nights so balmy. I canít remember a March with this kind of consistently good weather, and Iím stuck inside as if it were storming out there (the way it usually does this time of year).

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