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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sometimes it takes more effort to avoid work than it takes to do it. But sometimes itís worth the effort.

If Iíd paid attention to all the faxes I got this morning (many of which arrived before I even got out of bed), I could have worked all day and been no better off than I am right now, having slacked off all afternoon. As usual, it would have been a mistake to start working on the first strange request I got from the Boss, because within half an hour heíd changed his mind and decided to veer off in an entirely contrary direction.

He always says, ďI donít expect you to work on this on the weekend,Ē but if I donít work on it on the weekend, when am I going to work on it? Itís something completely out of line with the day-to-day tasks I need to complete to keep the company running. The only extra time during the week is early in the morning before Iím awake, or late at night after Iím worn out.

But I couldnít face it today, and as I said, Iím not sure it would have useful to dive into a new project on a Saturday. I like to save my Saturdays for unwinding. I donít mind working on Sundays quite as much, because I need to start winding myself up for the week to come anyway. That being the case, I might as well get something done while Iím at it.

22 March 2005

Cloudy in the west.

So that probably means Iíll get started on this new project tomorrow. I know that once I get started, I wonít be able to quit until Iíve made something out of it. Taking that first step is the part that hangs me up; the rest is a downhill slide, except that there are usually a few rocks and trees in the way. But I have to get to the bottom of the hill, no matter how many new scrapes and bruises I have by the time I get there.

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Apparently the magic age at which a child no longer must ride in a car seat is six. After that they can ride in your car as long as theyíre wearing seat belts. Thatís also they age at which itís no longer illegal to leave children unattended in a vehicle. If you leave them when theyíre younger than six, you could be required to attend a community education program. (According to the book, the penalty is more severe if the child dies.) I hope this is on the test, because I found it all very interesting.

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