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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hereís a tip. If you want to get some work done on a Sunday, donít spread it around. As soon as the word gets out that youíre conscious, the demands start pouring in. ďAs long as youíre working,Ē they say, and after that it might not stop until itís dark. At least, thatís what happened to me today.

It was coming from two directions, too. Thatís why Iím amazed that I finished more than half of the work I actually intended to do when I started. With all the distractions and interruptions, it wouldnít have seemed possible to get close to the bottom of the pile of invoices I wanted to pay. But I did.

Everything anyone asks me to do is important. To someone. For some reason. Itís awfully hard to put up any kind of argument when you know that people need your help. I did have one conversation that started with me saying, ďAre you sure I need to...Ē And whaddaya know? I didnít need to do that exact thing. Surprise, surprise.

23 March 2005

Scattered clouds.

Maybe next time Iíll just pretend to be out all day Sunday. Theyíll think Iím slacking off, probably, but at least Iíll get some work done that way.

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NASCARís newest star is a breath of fresh air amid the gas and oil and burning rubber. Carl Edwards won his first Busch Series race yesterday and today he squeezed (literally) past Jimmie Johnson just at the finish line to get his first Nextel Cup win. And then, as he has done since he was a truck race champion, he did a back flip off his car, to the cheers of the crowd in Atlanta. Heís full of charisma and enthusiasm, always positive and cheerful. And his mama was there to see him win his first race. What could be better?

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