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Monday, March 21, 2005

How long has it been spring now? Two days? If itís spring, why am I so cold and wet? (Short answer: because I went out in the rain.)

Itís storming outside tonight, just the way it did a few times during the winter. It was such a mild winter here, though, that I shouldnít complain if spring blows in with a howler. If this were just a gentle spring shower, I might not complain. But this is nasty.

And it has exposed the graveling job Tim did in my driveway last month. The trek out to the mailbox in the rain this afternoon was a swampy adventure. The ruts and puddles and soft spots are still there. I think he needed about three times as much gravel as he actually used, and probably a better grade of rock. This stuff just sinks into the mud, which doesnít really improve the situation.

The green all around me tells me itís spring. The trees are getting new leaves. The oak along Llano Road is coming to life already, and some of the other oaks are showing promising signs. The Old Oak out behind the garden is always the last to get new foliage, and this year looks like no exception.

And the birds are back. Theyíve been back for some time, actually. Iíve had scrub jays and sparrows and hummingbirds so far. No finches yet, but the black phoebe who insists on nesting under the eaves outside the dormer window has returned to set up housekeeping. Itís kind of a nuisance, but also kind of cool.

22 March 2005

Rainy day.

The lizards have started to reappear as well. I havenít seen any since the rain started, nor do I expect to until it stops. But when I got back from the bank today, a little brown snake was starting to make its away across my porch. As soon as I turned the key in the door, it did a U-turn on itself and slinked behind the planter box. I was glad I didnít have to take extreme measures to keep it from following me into the house.

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According to the manual, you donít have to have insurance to drive in California after all. You have some options here. You can deposit $35,000 with the DMV, or you can buy a $35,000 bond. Thereís also something called a self-insurance certificate that the DMV issues, but thereís no explanation of what that means.

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