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Friday, March 25, 2005

It was one of those days when I ran out of easy things to do and had to hit the hard stuff. I always do the simple tasks, which are for some reason also my favorites, before I try to tackle anything more stressful or strenuous. Thatís the only way to be sure I can cross multiple items off my to-do list.

By Friday, all the fun items on the list are pretty much crossed out, and whatís left is what Iíve been putting off all week. Today I was shocked to learn that the things I put off turned out to be easier than the ones Iíd been working on. Iíd dreaded opening the kennel mail, because every time I do it forces me to make phone calls and ask questions. I might be part-owner of The Kennel, but I havenít a clue about most of the day-to-day details of the operation.

But everything in that pile of mail was simple and straightforward, and I didnít have to talk to anyone or even do much work. And the few pieces that I didnít know what to do with I buried under another pile for another time. So everything is cool.

Thereís been a question about insurance hanging over me for weeks, months even. One question is never enough with the insurance company, though. It always leads to a whole cornucopia of questions spilling out over each other. You can see why Iíve been putting it off. This morning I mentioned it to Julie, and she said, ďLet me handle it.Ē

The four sweetest words Iíve ever heard.

So I didnít wear myself out with work this Friday after all. I wore myself out with something, because I fell asleep sitting upright two or three times. But I feel pretty good heading into the weekend with several more items crossed of my to-do list, even though I didnít have to do much work to get through them. Everything is totally cool.

23 March 2005

Clouds on the run.

So tonight Iím thinking that Iím not really hungry and I donít feel like cooking and I manage to talk myself into not cooking and not eating. Thatís not something that happens very often, but Iím cool with it once in a while. I doubt Iíll make it to bedtime (whenever that turns out to be) without some kind of snacking. Still not cooking, though.

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So today I got to the part of the driverís manual that encourages citizens to narc on their family, friends and neighbors. Thereís an address you can write to if you donít think your granny can drive safely any more. You have to sign the letter, but you can request that she not find out you were the one who turned her in. The DMV will force Granny to take another test and can take away her license, and yet you can still get that twenty dollar bill in your birthday card from her.

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"I'm surprised I have to tell them not to injure me, but hey. They're five and three and a half. Maybe they don't know that old people break easily."

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ďAha!Ē she laughed, and jumped up tall. ďI bet you thought Iíd drowned.Ē
What a rotten sense of humor has my true love Jenny Brown.