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Saturday, March 26, 2005

As usual, Saturday got away from me, but this time I think I know how it happened, more or less.

Obviously, the first part of the answer is that I slept most of the morning away. Itís hard to make a strong comeback if the dayís already half gone when you get started. Tomorrow will be different, not because Iím going to get up and go to seven oíclock mass at St. Rose (Iím not), but because weíre having an Easter brunch (egg hunt included) at Tammy and Davidís at the unholy hour of 10:30 am.

No, the real reason today got away is that I spent way too much of it trying to figure my income taxes. I have this K-1 form from my partnership in The Kennel, and itís going to force me to file long forms instead of short, with extra schedules and attachments and all kinds of mean, nasty, ugly things.

I started at the IRS site at the crack of noon, and by the time the shadows were getting long (or would have been, if the sun hadnít kept ducking behind the clouds), I had gone from Form 1040 to Schedule C to Form 8582, and I still didnít know what I was going to do with my share of The Kennelís loss (on paper) for the two months of last year that I was part-owner.

So I did what I always do. I gave up. Not in the sense of throwing up my hands and saying, ďI canít,Ē but in the sense of throwing up my hands and saying, ďI have three weeks left. Why the heck am I killing myself over this today?Ē And walking away, leaving all the IRS browser windows open and all the forms strewn over the bed, in case I changed my mind and got a crazy burst of energy later.

Then tonight I was talking to Tammy, and she told me I shouldnít try to bake my tax returns from scratch when it would be so easy with Turbo Tax, with its interactive recipe. She could be a salesperson (not that she needs anything else to sell, what with her toys and her home dťcor and the candy and stuff for the various schools attended by her various children). I asked smart questions, and she gave me smarter answers. Anyway, I was sold.

23 March 2005

It's not much of a sunset, be we like it.

I didnít do anything more about it today, of course. I should have known that once I gave up on it, laziness would set in and prevent me from moving forward again. (Spinning your wheels on the restart, they call it in auto racing.) But Iíll be taking Tammyís suggestion (as any sane person would do), and maybe even e-filing. Itís just possible that this twenty-first century is going to be okay after all. (On this I am not so much sold, however.)

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Besides, I should probably get through my driverís license renewal before I start thinking about taxes. The deadline is much more imminent and ominous. I didnít do very well on the two sample tests that are printed in the manual, but I know those questions now. If they come up, Iím golden. There are other sample tests on the DMV web site, and I think I should explore those before I declare myself confident (which wonít happen until after Iíve passed the real thing).

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