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Monday, March 28, 2005

If only every Monday were like this. No phone calls before 9 am. In fact, nobody phoned all day long except for people I actually wanted to talk to. Thatís how I got through the first four items on my weekly to do list: check, check, check, check. It should always be this way.

Iím not asking for much, am I? Iím not asking for my life to be filled with sunshine and flowers (although the sunshine would be welcome). I donít need a lot of money (only enough). I donít even have much desire for an active social life. I just want to be able to cross of four things every Monday, and Iíll be content.

This is the way it used to be. With two companies to account for, my to-do list is a little longer and more complicated these days, but I used to be able to get through it all in a week, and a head start on Monday really helps. If only they were all like this.

27 March 2005

Yesterday's quest for the eggs.

And while weíre at it, let me get the time cards tomorrow morning so I can do the payroll tomorrow afternoon and mail it on time Wednesday morning. After that, I donít care. Have at me. Just getting through the first two days of the week without any new bruises will be fine.

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Nope, didnít study for the DMV test today. Either Iím not worried (and you know me better than that) or Iím putting it off until the last minute. Please, no wagering. Itís a sucker bet.

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