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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Whatever Easter means to the true believers, I donít think it means exactly the same thing to the candy makers and greeting card companies. And those of us who like to lavish gifts on our grandnephews are guilty (if thatís the right word) as well. But as you know, any excuse for a family gathering is okay by me, even if I do have to get up early on a Sunday morning.

So we all got together at Tammy and Davidís this morning for donuts and cold cuts and hidden eggs (not real ones, but plastic ones filled with goodies). And presents. Presents were opened and (imagine this) even played with! There werenít so many that it was overwhelming, the way it can be at Christmas.

27 March 2005


Dakota spent the day wearing his blue Ninja Turtle mask and happily investigating his brothersí presents more than his own. D.J. scampered around the back yard filling his basket until he had met his egg quota. Then when Dakota lost interest in looking for more eggs, D.J. found the last few.

27 March 2005

D.J., on the run.

Aiden wasnít in the best of moods, but he was game for everything. He was held when he wanted to be, and turned loose when he needed his freedom. He talked a blue streak, although the only words I clearly understood were ďduckĒ and ďquack.Ē The rest of his speech was meaningful as well, but he was the only one who understood it. That didnít seem to bother him, though, as he got the reactions he wanted. We are totally in his sway, and he pretty much knows it.

27 March 2005

Aiden, standing.

A couple of time Aiden stood up on his own, not holding onto anything. He didnít seem as impressed with this accomplishment as the rest of us were. I had never seen him stand alone before, so I was particularly appreciative. Not only was he oblivious to his intrepid achievement, he didnít even realize he was doing it. When he got wobbly, he simply plopped down and moved on. We should all take a lesson from him.

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After two whirlwind hours it was over. I came home and fell into my chair, not moving for several hours. The rain started shortly after I got home, and by mid afternoon it was storming madly, the wind whipping the trees and grasses around and the rain coming down in sheets. I closed the blinds early because I didnít want to look at it. Iím just glad we found all the eggs before all this started.

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