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Thursday, March 31, 2005

In preparing myself for tomorrow, Iím visualizing it going well. Because the other thing, picturing every worst-case scenario imaginable, that thing doesnít work so very well. It doesnít prevent the bad things from happening, and a kind of inevitability penetrates the atmosphere. If I can imagine something, it can happen.

So now Iím trying it the other way around, and it starts with a good nightís sleep. I will not be up until 2:00 am, and I will not toss and turn for another hour or so after going to bed, and I will not wake up, for no good reason whatsoever, at 5:00 in the morning. I will drift off into dreamland early, and sleep until the clock radio gently awakens me at the last possible moment.

And when I do get up and start getting ready, I will not cut myself shaving. And I wonít have one of those something-about-mary hair days.

My car will start (not that thereís any question that it will) and Iíll drive directly to the DMV office (big question about that, with my poor sense of direction). I wonít take a wrong turn and drive half an hour in the wrong direction and get to my appointment late. I wonít drive around the block three times looking for the entrance. I wonít have an fender-bender in the DMV parking lot and get my license confiscated on the spot.

See how good I am at positive visualization?

Since I do have an appointment, I wonít have to wait hours in line. Iíll have everything I need with me. Iíll pass the test on the first try, and Iíll pass the eye test without anyone noticing I canít see. And when they take my picture, it wonít look like a driverís license picture at all. Iíll look almost human in it.

Say, Iím actually looking forward to this ordeal now.

Experience, I mean. Not ordeal, experience.

25 March 2005

Clouds over clouds.

Just to cover all bases, I checked online for a map to the DMV office. The driving directions on the map site didnít make sense to me, though. I think I know a better way to get there than the way they suggest. In fact, I know itís a better way. I think. I hope Iím right.

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Hey, there was baseball on TV tonight! If that isnít a good omen I donít know what is. The world is still turning in the right direction after all.

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