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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Not that my life revolves around watching television or anything, but itís weird to have it be 8:30 pm, and everything is over for the night. That pretty much happens only on Oscar night, because the awards are shown live here on the west coast, meaning they start at 5:00 pm, and the other networks offer no counter-programming. So when itís 11:30 pm in the east, it might as well be 11:30 pm here, too.

Except itís not. Itís 8:30 pm. It only feels like 11:30 pm.

Since I was still working when the Oscar show started at five, I didnít take any elaborate notes so that I could write about (or even remember) what happened. So why then do I keep flashing back that thing on Charlize Theronís shoulder? Iím not one to critique fashion and I certainly have no taste when it comes to womenís dresses, but that was just strange. It looked as if a giant deformed moth had landed on her. I kept waiting for her to try to flick it away.

I even ate earlier than usual today, what with prime time starting three hours earlier than usual. Of course, the real reason for that was probably the fact that I spent the whole day hunched over the keyboard, trying to make progress on the Big Project. And I did. Just not as much as Iíd hoped. I got stuck on a particular cost report that took way longer than it should have, and by the time I had solved all the (admittedly self-created) problems in that one spreadsheet, I didnít have the heart to tackle another one right away.

And now here it is 8:30 pm, nothing left to watch on TV, and Iím hungry again. Thereís no bread in the house, and Iím almost out of milk. I really need to get to the store tomorrow, whether the storm keeps up or not. (And whether I have money or not.) I think itís time for another frozen waffle, or maybe a bagel. Something that will hold me up until the real 11:30 pm comes along.

15 February 2006

Red sky at night (left over from last month).

My opinion of the Oscars is that Jon Stewart did a good job. He was funny without being disrespectful of the movies or of the room full of people who dedicate their lives to making them. Jude Law, you can come out of seclusion now. The embarrassment is over. (Also: Iím a big fan of montages, and Robert Altman, and George Clooney, so I had a good time watching tonight.)

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As for the awards, Iíve seen so few of the nominated films that I actually found myself hoping against hope that War of the Worlds would win one of the technical awards. (It didnít. Those were swept by King Kong.) But I have seen Crash, and I thought it was amazing and important and entertaining and memorable, and so Iím glad it won Best Picture. And Iím really glad I stayed up (until 8:30 pm, wow) to see the reaction on the stunned producers of Crash, who like everyone else in the industry and around the world were sure Brokeback Mountain was the lock of the night. Usually the biggest surprise of the night is in one of the supporting acting categories. This year it was in the biggest category of all.

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