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Saturday, March 5, 2005

All I wanted today was to have someone take care of me.

Itís a good thing I donít feel that way very often, because all of the caregivers in my family have real lives. It would have been nice, this one time, to have someone bring me soup and fluff my pillow.

The day actually started out well enough. I slept late, which is always a good start, and I made myself some French toast and got to the post office and back without incident. Thatís when it all started to wither away.

For the whole afternoon, I sat in the recliner and did absolutely nothing. I didnít feel like moving, and I absolutely didnít feel like eating anything. I got up one time to get a blanket, because I was feeling a chill. The blanket didnít help, which was my cue to stay put and try to wait this thing out.

The last time I felt like this was five years ago, when I had a bad reaction to Vicodin after a procedure on my ear. That was worse, because I had to crawl from my bed to the bathroom over and over again for a few days. Standing up was not an option. Food? Donít make me laugh.

Maybe it wonít be as bad this time. I ate next to nothing from about 1:00 pm on today, but when I started to feel light-headed I forced myself to eat a muffin. That helped, but not much. What would have helped was someone to take care of me, but I didnít even ask.

3 March 2005

Cloud dragon.

In fact, I donít think I want anyone around me, just in case this is something bad. Thereís a family gathering tomorrow that Iíll have to miss, unless a miracle occurs in the night. At this point I donít see that happening.

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So what did I do all afternoon and evening, while I was squirming in the chair trying to find a comfortable position, and trying to stay warm? I didnít find a comfortable position or stay warm, but I did watch Donnie Darko: The Directorís Cut. The original is one of my favorite movies ever, an all-time top ten, and now so is this extended version. I even watched it a second time, with commentary by the director, Richard Kelly, and his buddy Kevin Smith. If you donít think that was the highlight of my miserable day! It was fun, but it wasnít chicken soup.

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