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Thursday, March 16, 2006

During the big push that brought me to the final stages of the Big Project, Iíve let a lot of things go. I havenít cleaned my house, other than an occasional pass with the feather duster, for weeks. (On the other hand, I didnít have a highly organized cleaning routine to fall out of in the first place.) I havenít been doing as much cooking, which means I havenít been eating as well, which means I havenít been feeling as healthy as I might.

Itís been a long, rough road, and it has felt at times like a slog through the ditch. I donít know if the ride will get smoother, now that the project is coming to an end (still slowly, but getting there). But I know what I did today will help me get back on track. Iíve been cringing whenever I passed a mirror lately, so today I got a haircut.

But wait. That isnít the story. The story is that I went completely outside my comfort zone (and thanks for the advice, Simon). I didnít go to the place thatís been cutting my hair for the last twenty years. Theyíve done it all but one or two times over that span, and I think Iíve complained (silently) every time. No matter how precisely I explain what I want, they never get it right. Even when I leave the shop looking the way I hoped I would, by the next morning Iím wondering why I keep trusting those butchers.

So this time, I didnít. I actually went to a different shop. This one is (a) closer to my home, so I didnít have to spend as much time away from work, and (2) cheaper. I knew it was closer to home before I left the house, of course, but I didnít know Iíd be saving two whole dollars.

In fact, when I set out on my errands, my intention was to go to the usual place across town. But then it started to rain, and I was heading in the direction of this new place, so I thought, why not? I donít know why I thought that, because thatís not usually the way I think. As you know, Iím a graduate of the ďall change is badĒ school of thought. Cum laude.

But I got what looks (for now) like a pretty decent haircut. And to be honest, at this point, after two months, any haircut would have looked good to me. Iím just happy I wonít have to spend quite as much time in the shower with the shampoo every morning. Whether Iíll be thrilled with the outcome by tomorrow I donít know. But it couldnít be any worse than how Iíve been looking for the last few shaggy weeks.

3 March 2006

Winter beyond the fence.

So that was my day, a little shot of something different to make me feel better. My night? Not so great. The Boss called at 4:30 pm and told me he was ready to get started. We were on the phone off and on for the next three hours, with him asking and me trying to answer questions about the Big Project. It needs to get to the accountant soon, but we tweaked it a bit, and made some corrections.

Unfortunately, heís not completely satisfied, which means most of tomorrow will be dedicated to the same dreary routine. But I did inform him that I wouldnít be able to put in much time over the weekend. ďI donít expect you to work on the weekend,Ē he said with all the heartfelt sincerity of that guy who came to my door last week because he didnít want me to miss out on the opportunity to own the greatest— uh, whatever, ever. I didnít believe him, either. It doesnít matter, though, because I have other plans for the weekend.

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The all star team that represented the U.S. in the World Baseball Classic can now return to their respective major league clubs and resume spring training, because they wonít be playing for the championship. These superstars were no match for the pitching of the team from Mexico, who won, 2-1. Sadly, Mexico will not be advancing, either, but the good news is that this sets up a semifinal rematch between Korea and Japan. These two teams have played twice already in the tournament, each game ending in a one-run victory for Korea. Itís hard to beat a good team three times, but Koreaís momentum has been relentless so far. They will play Saturday for a spot in the championship game against either Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

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