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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Boss chastised me today. He got on my case, not for failing to solve the banking problem, but for not telling him how stressed out I was by the situation. I kept trying to keep him from having to get involved, but finally this afternoon he went behind my back. (Not over my head, because heís already there.) He called the bank branch nearest him and established a relationship with the manager there. Thatís something heís good at. Itís something Iím not good at.

Within ten minutes, we had a new bank account, and new checks on the way (no charge), and apologies all around for not solving the problem in a speedier manner. After two full days, it was over just like that. The anxiety had just about worn me down to a single frayed thread by this time. I knew there would be an end to it, and probably sooner than later, but it paralyzed me to the point that I couldnít do anything to move toward that end.

So Iím in trouble. Iím never to allow things to get to that point again, without telling the Boss about it. He said, ďThe things that worry you are exactly the kinds of things I can do something about.Ē He also repeated the old line about how he couldnít stay in business without me. ďIíd try,Ē he said, ďbut I wouldnít make it.Ē

11 March 2006

Clouds hovering over the trees.

At 4:30 this afternoon, I was on my way to the post office for the first time since Monday, and to my branch of the bank to pick up some temporary checks. The way was supposed to have been cleared by the people at the Bossís branch, but when I got there my people seemed utterly confused. I waited and waited, and finally I got my checks and was on my way. It was such a relief I didnít even mind driving in five oíclock traffic. Not much, anyway.

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The Korean team did the U.S. a huge favor in their World Baseball Classic game tonight, beating Japan, 2-1. If Japan had won that game, the U.S. would probably have been eliminated. Now they can advance to the semifinals by beating Mexico tomorrow. Since Mexico is winless in round two, and the U.S. has Roger Clemens on the mound, Iíd say the chances are good. On the other hand, if they do advance, theyíll have to play Korea again, and I donít like their chances in that game. The Korean team is the only one thatís undefeated in the tournament. Cuba and the Dominican Republic will play each other in the other semifinal. On paper it looks like a win for the Dominicans, but the Cubans are playing with a lot of emotion, especially after beating Puerto Rico today, 4-3.

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