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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Now that Iím well on the path back to mental righteousness, the next thing I didnít need was to feel the way I did today. Physically, I mean. And Iím not just drained of all energy, the way I am almost every Saturday after a long week of short nights. Iím also suffering (or indulging my suffering, which is not quite the same) from every allergy symptom in the book. Maybe more, since I havenít actually read the book.

Besides the usual sneezing and tickling cough and burning eyes and runny nose, I also had a scratchy throat that got sorer and sorer as the day went on. As a result, I had less and less ambition to get anything accomplished today. I spent a lot of it sitting in the recliner watching TV and dozing on and off. This is maybe the perfect way to spend a healthy Saturday, but it was nice enough outside that I would have preferred to be out in it.

Luckily for me, Tammy and David had enough help moving that they didnít need me. I wouldnít have been of much value anyway. I mean, I wasnít all that much help yesterday, but I gave what I had, and by this morning there wasnít much left. I could hardly fall out of bed today, much less spring into action. The Boss called around 10:00 am to ask a question. I think he could tell by the sound of my voice that I wasnít all there, because he said something about getting back into it Monday.

17 March 2006

D.J. and Aiden in their new home.

This is something I didnít count on. I was hoping that once the Big Project was finished, Iíd be recharged and ready to face new challenges. Instead I feel worn down and ready to face sheets and pillows and throat lozenges and chocolate. I have everything in the house except the chocolate, so Iíll just have to keep suffering.

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You could say that the team from Japan backed into the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic, because they had to rely on Mexico to beat the U.S. to get that far in the tournament. But they charged headfirst into the final game with a 6-0 pasting of Korea, the only team that had been undefeated in the first two rounds. Japan will play Cuba, who beat the mighty Dominican team by taking advantage of mistakes and a few breaks in a 3-1 win earlier today.

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