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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Having had a whole day to myself with very little outside contact, I think I know a little more about my sleep problem. I squandered a lot of time today, hour after hour, not doing things that I should have been doing and leaving too much left to do after dark, before I could go to bed. This isnít exactly the revelation of the millennium, but itís probably a good idea to jam a reminder into my consciousness every so often. Thatís the only way the cycle will ever end.

Not that I did anything to end it today, however, even while the idea was taking shape in my mind. Itís hard to justify a day like this, a do-nothing kind of day, when I just had one yesterday. It would be a lot easier to say I needed a day to decompress if Iíd been doing something besides decompressing all weekend. Maybe I needed two days, to get ready face another frantic Monday. If I need three, then Monday will just have to be postponed.

17 March 2006

Mushroom cloud.

It would do no good to list all the things I could have been doing today, while I was reading and listening to Mozart and napping and clearing stuff off my TiVo. I will make a to-do list for Monday (or Tuesday, or whenever I decide to start the week). I canít let precious time slip away on days when Iím getting paid for being productive (not to mention available). Iím already starting to think of items for that list, but I donít want to get too deeply involved yet, because it just makes me wish Iíd done some of them today. And letís face it: it wasnít going to happen.

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I canít follow every sport closely enough to be an ďexpertĒ (not an expert, but an ďexpertĒ), but I have to admit that as I was watching the NCAA Tournament today, I spent the whole second half thinking North Carolina was going to come back and win. Then with 52 seconds left I gave up and handed the game over to George Mason, who at that point had a six-point lead. I repented, though, when Carolina came back two within two with 19 seconds left, so imagine my shock when George Mason held on for the win, 65-60. Thatís something I didnít expect to see. (That was actually the only game I watched today. Iím waiting for Gonzaga-UCLA Thursday.)

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