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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I guess I have to give the kids next door credit for trying. At least, I think they were trying to keep their dog out of my yard. Itís possible they just found some wood and nails and a hammer and thought it would be fun to make a barricade at the fence opening between the landlordís vacant field and my back yard. They went at it while I was working this afternoon, and every so often Iíd look up and smile.

These arenít little kids that might have been in danger of hurting themselves. Theyíre teenagers, 15 to 18 Iím guessing, and they live in the duplex where I lived before moving here (owned by the same landlord). One of the reasons I was so eager to move out of that duplex was the racket those dogs made, day and night. Why the landlord puts up with it Iím not sure, but he knew I didnít like it, so he offered me this house when it became available. Itís just far enough that I canít hear them, most of the time.

Iíve never had a relationship with any of the neighbors, even when I lived in the other half of the duplex. Sometimes we wave when Iím out getting my mail, but these are big lots, and thereís no reason to make contact if I donít want to. And letís face it, Iím living out in the country because Iím not all that fond of other peopleís noise and other peopleís drama. I get enough of that on TV (and, oh by the way, in my family, from time to time).

So I let the kids go at it. They werenít doing me any harm, and in fact Iíve thought of asking the landlord to close up that opening in the fence. I hate seeing those big dogs roaming around in my yard, because I know what they leave behind when they go. Plus, theyíre a little bit aggressive, and although Iíve been assured many times that theyíre harmless, they donít act harmless. They act like theyíd like to take me apart.

17 March 2006

Explosive clouds.

Nothing much came of the efforts the teenagers made today, except that they had a few hours of harmless fun. Later on when I was chopping onions for my four-bean salad, I looked out my kitchen window and there was one of their dogs, romping in my side yard. And there was the fence, with a hole in it as big as ever.

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I donít have a passionate allegiance to any of the teams left in the NCAA basketball tournament, but I do feel a kind of connection to UCLA. Back when I was a student at UCLAís sister campus in Santa Barbara, we followed UCLA basketball because (a) they were one of the top teams, and (2) we werenít. So I watched the Bruinsí game with Gonzaga tonight with some interest, but without the rabid fervor that makes grown men faint. When Gonzaga went up by 17 in the first half, I had to wonder why UCLA was seeded higher in the tournament. The way the Bruins started the second half, I thought theyíd blow by the Zags and put the game away easily. In the end it took a last-second steal and clutch shot to give UCLA its only lead of the game. The 73-71 stunner means Iíll get a chance to see what they can do against their regionís top seed, Memphis, on Saturday.

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