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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I didnít have any new revelations today, at least none that I remember. Well, there was this: The harder I work, the more I get done. And, as a corollary, the more I do, the faster the time passes. Or seems to. I donít think my working hard makes the second hand sweep by any faster, but it does seem to give a little push to the hour hand. Not enough to notice, maybe, until the day is actually over and it doesnít matter any more.

What? Whatís a second hand? Whatís an hour hand? Well, there was a time that clocks gave us a more graphic picture of the passage of time. You could look at the dial and see how much time had gone by, and how much, relatively speaking, was left. Or at least you could get a picture of how much time should be left. The clock itself didnít actually dole out portions of time, but it did measure it in a different way than these modern clocks that show the digits rolling by.

Digital clocks are better than no clocks, though. I wear my watch whenever I leave the house, even if I donít have a strict schedule to keep to. I check the clock all day long, not necessarily to see how close to quitting time it is, but just to see how my day is ticking along, and where I am in relation to the digits (or, in a more graceful world, the hands).

21 March 2006

White on white.

Unlike yesterday, I didnít have to start working as soon as I woke up this morning. I like it a lot better when I can ease into my day, instead of having to wait to pour my first cup of coffee until Iíve been going at it for two or three hours. It seems to make the whole day more pleasant and enjoyable if Iím not blasted out of bed and into my desk chair before Iím fully ready. It doesnít affect how much work I get done, because I tend to stuff what I have to do into whatever time there is to do it.

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Youíre not going to get me to spoil who was eliminated on American Idol tonight, but I will say that all of my favorites are still in the competition. And as for Top Chef, the sooner Stephen and Tiffani are out of there, the more Iíll enjoy watching the show. I donít care if they can cook or not; I wouldnít eat at their restaurants.

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