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Saturday, March 24, 2007

My house is infested. Sort of. Actually, I volunteered to babysit D.J. and Dakotaís rats for the weekend, but there are only two of them (and not likely to be more, since theyíre both females). I know nothing about rats (and I donít even remember the names of these two), but apparently I donít have to do much. Nobody would trust me with a pet that requires a lot of care, thatís for sure.

They slept most of the day away, which makes me slightly envious and deeply appreciative. This evening while they were awake, I opened the cage and offered to take them out. They were curious, sniffing my hands and acting as if they were going to let me handle them. But they backed off, and I didnít want to force the issue. I know I wouldnít want someone sticking their hand into my cage and yanking me out of it.

No, it doesnít make me want a pet. I canít afford to want a pet, because my landlord doesnít want me to have one, and heís already told me heís planning to raise my rent twice this year. Itís the first (and second) time my rent has gone up since I moved in here six and a half years ago, so I canít really complain. He told me he likes having me as a tenant (so maybe I could complain and get away with it, but I wonít).

Not that the landlord has to do anything around here that costs him very much. I had him stop the neighborhood punks from throwing rocks at my roof, so I guess it was worth that monthís rent, at least. But he doesnít care about the ruts in my driveway that fill up with muddy water when it rains. I donít have much of a complaint there, either, since it was such a dry winter. If I did have something to complain about, I guess Iíd be able to test how valuable I really am as a tenant. Thatís not really my style, though.

Anyway, I got out into the yard and did some mowing today. Even with as little rain as weíve had, the grasses have grown waist-high, lush and green. It was my pleasure to mow them down, at least the one small patch I could get done before I ran out of gas. That would be me, personally, running out of gas, since the mower runs on a rechargeable battery, and thereís no way I can use it long enough at one time to run down the juice.

24 March 2007


The one drawback of having the rats here is that my house is starting to smell a little like a middle school boysí room. Itís been over forty years since Iíve been in one, but I spent three years of my life hiding in them, so I know that smell. The rats arenít quite as overpowering, but if I can smell them at all, I know theyíre fairly potent. On the other hand, Iím not sure my house smells all that good under normal circumstances.

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