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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I just heard on the news that spring started today. Another equinox came and went, and I missed it, but Iím (mostly) happy about this turn of events. Spring has its down side, but the acacias have been in bloom for two months already, so how much worse can it get? At least weíre on the road to warmer, brighter days. Eventually, that is.

Maybe springís arrival passed me by because it was so dark and gloomy around here until the middle of the afternoon. It felt more like the threat of a winter storm than like the kind of fog and low clouds we get all summer. Itís hard to complain, because it has been pretty decent out for some time now. I even got out into the yard to do a little work over the weekend. I didnít last long, but it was the first time since last fall, so Iím cutting myself a little slack.

And then thereís the fact that Iím tied down inside all day anyway, so what difference does it make what the weather is like outside? It was worse than usual today, even. The Boss was on some kind of quest. He started first thing this morning, asking me for an invoice that I didnít have (because he had been sitting on it and hadnít sent it to me yet). I really enjoyed spending all that time looking for something that was buried on his desk, you know?

Then tonight I had to call Tim and request the time cards, so I could do the payroll and get the checks in the mail tomorrow. Heís working on an out of town job and claims to have had the hotel fax me the time cards first thing this morning. I donít think he believed me when I told him that I didnít get them, but he finally agreed to send them again. I got them at 5:00 pm, which is pretty close to what even I consider quitting time. But I faithfully worked through the next several hours to get as far along as I could. Iíll finish in the morning, assuming the Boss doesnít find something less productive but more time-consuming for me to do.

10 March 2007

Hello, zebra.

Anyway, itís spring now here in the top half of the world (assuming youíre holding your globe right way up). The hills of Northern California will be green and gorgeous for approximately two months before they turn the burnished brown that gives the state its golden nickname. Donít tell me how beautiful the acacias are, though, because I canít see it through the tears they bring to my eyes.

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