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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How I made it through this day is kind of mysterious. I must have reserves of willpower that I didnít even know I had, because after being awake until well past three oíclock for the second night in a row, I had the hardest time dragging myself out of bed this morning. In fact, if it hadnít been for work that I knew I had to get done, and people I wanted to see, I might have slept straight through the day.

The Boss, as usual, wasnít very cooperative. The same letter that we did seven version of yesterday went back and forth between us three or four more times this morning. And I could not get him to stay off the fax line so that we could make the process move along more quickly. He likes to dial out on his fax line, to free up the voice line for incoming calls. But when I tell him Iím faxing him back a draft of his letter right now, and then I get a busy signal, I get a little irritated. I get mad. I raise my voice.

I didnít make him cry, but I did make him apologize. Thereís not much consolation in that, and thereís no reason for me to think he wonít do it again next time. In fact, I can guarantee that he will, because even in the smallest thing, he doesnít ever stop to think about how his actions affect other people. I donít know many people like that, thank goodness, but I do know a few.

10 March 2007

This is Eileen, the much-beloved Watusi Cow who was ostracized by her herd because her horns grew in the wrong way.

Eventually I got him to leave me alone long enough so I could meet a friend for coffee and still get back in time for Mom to come by and bring me a jar of Dijon mustard so I could fix my salmon tonight, and then for Suzanne to bring me back macadamia nuts (and other goodies) from Hawaii, and for me to (at last) get through the pile of work Iíve been trying to do since Monday. Finally I got to cross a couple of items off my to-do list today. Yay. Zzz.

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