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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I could tell you about my day, but I think I covered the same ground yesterday. Only today, it started even earlier. That invoice I was typing yesterday afternoon? The Boss thought heíd sent me the last page before heíd taken off on his rounds of the bars (or whatever it is he does after hours). So he had to call me at 8:01 am today to ask me why I hadnít typed it and faxed it back.

He might not have believed me when I told him that I never got it. Sometimes I think he deliberately puts everyone (even me!) in the worst possible light, because thatís how he sees the world. I didnít do the work, so I must have been shirking. It couldnít be that he didnít send me the work to do.

Whatever the case, he sent it this morning and I was up working on it for two hours before I even had time to take a break, much less a shower. It sort of colored my whole day, because I depend on waking up slowly and easing into the day. I get even grumpier than usual when I have to work on his schedule instead of mine.

Itís not that I think Iím entitled to sleep late on work days, even given the fact that I work semi-full days most weekends. Iím not saying the Boss should leave me alone all morning, just that I would prefer it if he did, and Iíd be a lot happier and better able to cope and less stressed. But other than that, Iím fine with the early morning phone calls. Bring íem on.

Itís a good thing I decided not to talk about my day, isnít it? On the other hand, what else is there? What about this: I heard today that Dan Curtis died. Thatís not necessarily a household name, but he had a big influence on my childhood. Every day in junior high I would rush home from school to watch Dark Shadows, and I have Dan Curtis to thank for that. He also directed Winds of War and War and Remembrance, along with my favorite TV movie of the 1970s, When Every Day Was the Fourth of July.

26 March 2006

Evening shade.

Or I suppose I could have mentioned the admirable stand of the Senate Judiciary Committee in rejecting the Houseís cynical attempt to criminalize not just illegal immigrants but anyone sympathetic to them. That move by the House backfired to such a degree that it brought out spontaneous nationwide protests the likes of which havenít been seen for decades. Itís been a long time since I stood up and cheered at the evening news.

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Did all of the Idol finalists forget what show theyíre on? Sing a song with a melody, people! How can we judge your voice if you sing something that requires more shouting than singing? If someone had waited until tonight to find out what all this fuss over American Idol was about, they would still be wondering. I know some of these people can sing, but they didnít act as if they wanted my vote tonight. (Iíd say bye bye, Bucky, but I said that last week and heís still here. Anyone could go home this week, but please donít let it be Taylor Hicks.)

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