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Monday, March 3, 2008

Sometimes you win, sometimes you simply donít lose. In some battles, you advance, but other times the biggest victory is in not being forced to retreat. ďGoĒ and ďdonít stopĒ donít mean the same thing; ask anyone treading water in the middle of the ocean.

Today was one of those days when I was busy all day but didnít seem to be getting anything done. Thatís mostly because I didnít have time to spend on the one thing I really wanted to work on, the Big Project. But I did the Kennel payroll and the Company payroll, and thatís a lot of payroll (and a lot of work). So itís not as if Iím really treading water. Somehow, thatís how it felt.

To appease my own conscience, I spent some time on the Big Project tonight, after hours. It wasnít much time, and not much got done, but thereís a little less left to do now. Still, I look at how much there is left, and I canít help but feel that I pretty much walked in place today, without getting where I needed to go.

22 February 2008


If youíd like to see what my nephew is doing these days, check out the brand new web site for Davidís custom cabinet business. And if you click on ďPhoto Gallery,Ē you can see a few examples of his excellent workmanship. He works awfully hard at being extremely good at what he does, as I think you can tell from these photos. (And you should see the real thing!). The site is new, but there will be more to see there in the future.

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