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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The worst thing about the intense pressure to get work done right now isnít even the stress, although thatís bad enough. Itís the fact that as much as I try, Iím having big problems finding time to sit and read. Thatís so important to me, even when Iím not reading something as moving and wonderful as Robís book. But I continue to make time, and it gives me a little perspective, you know? What Rob and his family have endured and overcome is pretty amazing, especially when you lay it up against the petty problems Iím having trying to finish a bunch of miserable spreadsheets. Plus, I feel like Iíve known Schuyler since before she was born, and itís like watching one of my own nieces blossom and/or flourish.

Still, despite all the pressure and stress, I got out of the house long enough this morning to get a haircut. Itís great that I have this down to a smooth science now. The hair salon has me on file, and they know what they did to me the last time I was there (way too long ago). But just in case theyíre not sure, I tell them I want it short enough so that I donít have to comb it. At all. It takes hardly any time at all to cut, and itíll take even less time to wash in the shower tomorrow morning. So really, I was gaining time to do more work by taking time out of my work day to get a haircut. See how that works?

25 February 2008

Top of the eucalyptus.

Thank goodness for the Internet, so that I donít have to listen to Wolf Blitzer on these primary nights. I do tune in at 5:00 pm, when the polls close in the east, to get the projections, but instead I get a breathless, pointless explanation of the reasons that they canít project a winner based on less than one percent of the vote, followed by pie charts and touch screen demonstrations of that very same meaningless one percent of the vote. And it goes on and on until the polls start to match up with the exit data, and they tell me who won. Instead of putting myself through all that tonight, I put myself through American Idol and then checked the Internet. (In case you didnít know, Clinton won three out of four, which means sheís sticking around. And McCain wrapped up the GOP nomination, which means he can stop badmouthing the other Republicans and start badmouthing Clinton and Obama, as he should.)

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