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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Instead of recording a list of all the molehills that I built up into a great mountain of annoyance today, Iíve decided to take the high road and not even name them. Thatís not easy for me, because when Iím at odds with the world as much as I am tonight, I like to enumerate the reasons I think I have a right to feel that way. If I donít do that, somebody might think my foul mood was my own fault.

Actually, Iím pretty sure it is my fault. When I do any heavy pondering, I canít help but come to the conclusion that I deserve to feel put upon. The kinds of things that bother me are the kinds of things that happen in life, and if I could either ignore them or laugh at them, Iíd be no worse off for their having happened to me, and maybe a little better off for not letting them eat away at me. Itís just that when it seems the whole battalion is attacking at once, it doesnít matter that theyíre just toy soldiers.

22 February 2008

Chasing clouds.

And thereís another reason I shouldnít let myself get this far down over something that matters so little. It always passes. If not tomorrow or by the end of the week, then next month, or a hundred years from now. Sooner or later, none of what Iím so agitated about today will have any bearing on reality. Itís like yesterdayís political polls (or even yesterdayís election). When it passes into history, the urgency of it seems absurd and kind of pitiful.

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