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Saturday, March 29, 2008

It might not have done much for the cause, but I observed Earth Hour in my own way tonight. I didnít even remember about it until the last minute, so I let the potatoes roast in the oven for the last twenty minutes of their time, but other than that, pretty much everything else went off at eight oíclock. I turned off the TV and the computer, along with all the lights. It annoyed the heck out of Biffle, but heís only a guinea pig. Still, heís not much of a waster of electricity, so he probably doesnít understand why he has to be drawn into the struggle.

The two basketball games I was watching were pretty much decided by the time the Hour arrived anyway. North Carolina had taken care of Louisville, and the Warriors were dead in the water against the Nuggets (although they made a game of it, and I did listen to the last few minutes of that one on the portable radio).

As it turns out, itís easy to read my Kindle by the light of a flashlight. For next time, though, I think Iíll get one of the clip-on book lights available as an accessory. In fact, I should get one anyway, just to save that much more power on a daily basis. I spend most of my precious spare time reading these days, and the Kindle screen isnít backlit, so itís exactly like a regular book in that you canít read it in the dark.

I peeked out at the surrounding countryside just after eight, and it was dark. But letís face it, itís always dark here at night, because I live in the wilderness. But I could see fewer lights than usual even in the distance. Iím pretty sure Sebastopol was darker than on a normal Saturday night. Thatís probably something I should have expected, though. After all, itís a town where the Green Party often outpolls the Democrats, and not very many people will admit to being Republicans. If Earth Hour isnít going to make an impact in Sebastopol, itís not going to be worth much anywhere.

26 March 2008

Crazy scary clouds.

Of course I know itís all symbolic, at least in the case of my one-person household (or even the small town across the way). But a statement is a statement, and itís a minor enough inconvenience for putting my money where my heart is. Would I have done it for two hours instead of just one? Who knows? I surprise myself sometimes. I donít go out a-marching much any more, but that doesnít mean I believe any less passionately than I did back in the day. Mostly it means that Iím older, wearier and warier. (On the other hand, as soon as the hour was over tonight, I turned everything back on. I like light.)

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