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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It seems thereís something worth complaining about every month, but I do believe this March we just saw go out like a lion, and not a roaring African lion but a slinking, snarling mountain lion that eats puppies, was particularly bad. Or maybe Iím just putting all the bad memories into one teacup and drinking the broth of bitterness, but in any event, I feel weíre well shed of that nasty old month.

My goal for April is to be a better person. I know, I know. If that were going to happen, it would have to have started a long time ago. But I resolve (oh, brother!) not to cringe every time the phone rings, and to be as pleasant as possible, even when the Boss calls at six oíclock at night and asks if I have time to go over a few things. Because really, I do have time. What else do I have to do? And heís going to make those kinds of calls anyway, so they might as well be conducted with something that approaches good humor, instead of the exaggerated, exasperated sigh that I usually greet him with.

Sometimes I forget that other people have lives, too. I act as if every difficulty I encounter is the result of someone failing to take my life into account, when it really comes down to this: Why should they? The world doesnít revolve around any particular individual, no matter how much each of us would often like to think it does. And it will stop revolving altogether, if we donít make allowances for one another here and there.

1 April 2008

Clouds in clouds.

So thatís what I plan to start doing more of, now that itís April. Donít think that this is going to be easy for me, either. It takes a lot of effort to be a good person, but Iíd like to think itís worth it, both in a one-on-one sense and in the big picture (assuming there is a big picture, of course). I wrote last time about my carbon footprint; this one is about a karmic footprint.

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