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Friday, May 23, 2003

Things calmed down a little today. This leads me to think I'm missing something. If the phone's not ringing, I might have forgotten to turn on the ringer, or maybe the battery is low. Eventually I checked to make sure I had a dial tone, but I waited an hour (or six) before I did.

What was even more surprising was that nothing was coming over the fax machine. It wasn't out of paper or ink, and it was plugged in. Could everyone have forgotten about me? Were they trying to tell me something? Am I being phased out? It couldn't be that all my whining bought me a day of tranquility. Maybe what they're trying to tell me is, "Get some work done. This is your shot."

I didn't hear the blast, but if a nuclear bomb had flattened all of central California and the western half of Nevada, it would be this quiet here. I really think they would have interrupted General Hospital if that had happened, though.

So I took advantage and plowed through some work, until I couldn't stand it any more. I made up an excuse to phone the Boss. It was sort of like examining my conscience before confession. Bless me, Father, did you need anything today? (A tiny carafe of wine, or a cookie?)

All is apparently well. He hadn't left early for the long weekend or been blown away by a disgruntled subcontractor. (I'm not sure which of those would have been less likely.) I even got out of the phone call without getting any new assignments dumped on me. So even though I worked all day, it was almost like a little vacation, or an early start to the weekend.

I'm sure if they knew I felt that way, they'd leave me alone more often. Or maybe not.

22 May 03

The badly chipped birdbath.

Wouldn't you think I'd take advantage of the fact that the yard was mowed down flat two weeks ago to get to work and keep it down? In the wind that came up this afternoon, I could see the grasses waving. They're not as thick or as high as before, but if I don't do something they will be. Just because the gardener said he was coming back doesn't mean he will. I should probably have worked outside instead of watching the Giants play a sloppy game in Denver tonight. (That's the only kind they play there.)

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The most endearing thing about My Life So Far is that the adults in this movie are as innocent as the children, and understand themselves and their place in the world even less. This is a gently comic coming-of-age slice-of-family-life story set in rural Scotland in the 1920s, with a terrific ensemble cast including Colin Firth and Malcolm McDowell as dueling brothers. It has everything: life, death, love, sex, Beethoven, Louis Armstrong and curling!

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