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Thursday, May 22, 2003

As usual, I'm getting mixed signals. It's not precisely true that I have two bosses, but there are two people who give me orders, and I have to keep both of them happy. It's just too bad they contradict each other so much of the time.

On the one hand, Tim wants to pursue every job opportunity that comes up, no matter how improbably unsuitable it is for the company. He told me to fill out every credit application we get in the mail, so that we can come up with backing money if we need it. He has me poring over bid lists and contract listings, looking for ideas. He's sent me books and manuals and proposal requests hundreds of pages long and asked me to read them and give him the details.

And then there's the Boss. He's focused on the current work we have and the similar jobs that are coming up. He recognizes that we have to keep up with the requirements of various government agencies, even if that means doing things we don't want to do (or don't see the point of). He knows we need to fill out every certified payroll form and file every preliminary lien notice, in order to be sure we're paid for the work we're doing. He asked me today why I was applying for so many credit lines, and I had to report that it was at Tim's request.

He also wants me to "humor" Tim as much as I can. He knows that Tim's big ideas are unrealistic, but he doesn't want to discourage his aggressive plans to make the company grow. I'm here in the middle, doing enough daily work to keep me busy and trying to find time (usually on my own time) to make it seem that Tim's illusions have some substance to them. If there's a breaking point I'm getting close. I think I passed the point of diminishing returns long ago.

22 May 03

In the garden.

Today's mail brought the bid package another upcoming project, this one something we can do. It doesn't go out to bid until the middle of June, so I'll put it aside for a couple of weeks to keep all these other plates spinning. I just hope I don't miss something important when I rush to get the new proposal ready in time. That's the danger of trying to run in four directions at once. Sometimes you get nowhere.

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Nobody comes out of The Four Feathers looking good. Not the British, certainly, and least of all the filmmakers. The movie has the distinction of being both (a) boring and (2) dumb. It's purportedly about honor and loyalty, but it glorifies fanaticism and guilt. The motivations of the characters are either weakly portrayed or morally flimsy, but I couldn't identify with any of them enough to care.

And it's hard to understand the imperial impulse of the British government to pursue pointless wars for purely political purposes. That could never happen today.

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