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Sunday, May 22, 2005

How is it, I wonder, that on a day when I was basically unproductive for twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes, I feel a greater sense of accomplishment than on days when I have my hands on the keyboard for eight, ten or twelve hours? Maybe Iím in the wrong profession. Or maybe itís just that Iíve never done much physical work, never had an outside job. Thatís probably why any small task I can do that requires strength, stamina or merely a bit of energy, is so satisfying.

This could be the start of something, too, and that makes it an even greater milestone. I think all I needed was a little momentum, and what that requires is a first step. So this morning I managed somehow to shove myself out the door and out to the garage for the cordless mower that starts every time on the first try (no excuses there). Itís been so long since Iíve used it that you couldnít tell I ever did, but for some reason Iíve put off getting started again. Today I ran out of reasons not to mow, so I mowed.

Naturally, I didnít last long. Iím out of shape, and the grasses are too high to do very much at one time. But I went up and down the center strip of the driveway, since thatís where I notice the growth the most, every time I drive in or out. And I took out another little patch of high weeds out in the back.

I donít pretend that what little I did today made much of a dent in the problem, but now that Iíve done that much, I have to keep the momentum going. The only way to do that is to get out there again tomorrow, no matter what. There will never be a time when thereís nothing to do in the yard, but there will always be lurking excuses for not doing it. Thatís what I have to overcome, and I got a jump start on it today.

19 May 2005

Not another new pope, just a cloud.

I had to slow down while I was mowing, to let a snake get out of my way. It was lucky I didnít run over it with the mower, because it was in the middle of the center strip, just hanging out. I know it knew I was coming, because it made a sudden motion that caught my attention. Otherwise, I might not have even seen it. I thought it would scoot off under the fence and out of harmís way, but it froze, for a few seconds. So I got a little closer with the mower and it finally got the message and took off.

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Iím starting to feel that the most beautiful thing in baseball is a 1-2-3 ninth inning from your closer. So many teams have had a hard time finishing games this season, even the teams with the strongest closers. And the Giants early lost their own high-priced closer, Armando Benitez, to injury, and theyíve been struggling and searching ever since. Tonight, with the team clinging to a two-run lead over the Aís, Tyler Walker once again came in and slammed the door in the ninth, 1-2-3. The 3-1 win was a thing of beauty, and the job Walker did was the most beautiful part.

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