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Monday, May 23, 2005

Letís mark down two oíclock as the continental divide in my march through this particular Monday. Before that time, I was actually saying to myself something to the effect that Mondays werenít so bad after all. I was thinking that Monday might be one of my five or six favorite days of the week. Then Monday hit its peak and the landslide started.

ďIím back,Ē the Boss announced when he phoned.

ďYay,Ē I replied enthooosiastically.

Last week, before he took off for Texas, I had faxed him a list of things I needed from him. All of these were documents Iíd mailed to him two to three weeks earlier for his signature. On each one Iíd indicated where he was to sign, and asked him to return them to me as soon as possible. I know he realized how important they were, because each one was a renewal application for one of the licenses that keeps us in business.

Itís the nature of the construction game that somebody has to be the Responsible Managing Officer (or at the very least, the Responsible Managing Employee). That means the contractorís license is in that personís name, and that person has to be responsible enough not to lose the piece of paper heís supposed to sign. I donít know why I thought the Boss would follow my simple instructions. Maybe because he had said, ďJust send them to me and Iíll take care of it.Ē

He didnít exactly apologize for losing track of the forms. What he said was, ďI know itís hard on you, dealing with people like me.Ē He doesnít know the half of it, but Iím sort of leaving it up to him to decide what the next move is. We probably have just enough time to find a way to get the ship righted, as long as we donít hit the rocks in the meantime.

12 May 2005

Cloud smudge

Other than that, it was a swell Monday. I got more done before two oíclock than I usually do in two days. And then at six, when the shadows started falling on the high weeds, I took out the trimmer and gave the yard a good fifteen-minute going-over. And then both of my arms fell off (but obviously I recovered — eventually — or I wouldnít be here typing now).

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It was great to see Ken Jennings back on Jeopardy tonight. I love to watch his mind work out some of the more elusive responses, and he hasnít lost the knack. Itís a three-day tournament final, so Iíll have two more days to enjoy him before he disappears again. (Itís a good thing, too, because heís not leading after round one.)

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