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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The fact that Iím sitting here listening to the crickets chirping outside after nine oíclock at night tells you a couple of things about where I live. For one, it tells you I live where there are crickets. On occasion Iíve heard crickets in town, but not in the great numbers and variety of pitches you can hear out here. Itís an advanced chorus of bugs.

It also tells you that I live in a place where I feel comfortable and safe sitting by an open door in the dead of night. Iíve never had any reason to doubt the security of my little section of the homeland. Sometimes I donít even lock my door when I go to bed. Okay, I admit itís mostly because I forget, but still, it doesnít bother me. Itís a lifelong habit to lock the place up tight, but Iím okay with forgetting.

24 May 2005

My one and only rose. (Shot taken at night.)

And it might also tell you a little about the weather in the North Bay with a week left to go in May. Weíve been shivering long enough. Iím happy with the amount of rain weíve had, and willing to stick with that quantity and hope for the best this summer. This is the time of year Iíve been waiting for and Iím going to enjoy it. Apparently, so are the crickets.

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First of all, Iíd like to thank Giants catcher Mike Matheny for hitting his game-deciding three-run homer during one of the commercial breaks on American Idol. I have to admit, I saw most of the beginning and most of the end of tonightís game, but I missed some of the middle. And when itís the Giants and Dodgers, you donít want to miss any of it. Anything can happen and usually does. Tonight, for example, after his team had given him a four-run lead (including one on a home run he hit himself), Jason Schmidt went out and gave a couple back, on only one hit (but also a walk, a balk and a pair of sacrifices). In the end, it didnít matter, because the Giants won, 5-3.

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