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Sunday, May 7, 2006

It was Cub Scout day at the baseball game in Oakland, and I was invited to tag along with D.J. and his friend Zack (and thank goodness D.J. had someone to chatter nonstop about Star Wars with). Tammy and Suzanne and I even got to walk on the field around the warning track with the kids. So it was more an event than a ballgame, which is okay, since Iím not invested in the Aís or Devil Rays, so I didnít care who won (or if anyone did, for that matter).

So we didnít see the whole game. We missed the start of it while we were filing in with the other Scouts and looking for our seats. We missed a couple of innings in the middle while we stood in line for food. And we left during the sixth inning, so we missed the last three. But the rest of the game was pretty entertaining Ė just not as entertaining as the kids in the stands.

It was as beautiful a day as you could hope for at the ball park, and our seats were close enough to the field that a foul ball sailed directly over my head in the first inning. I could have reached up and plucked it out of the air. In fact, I did reach, but then I realized I had the brace on my right hand and I yanked it back to safety. The ball landed a few rows behind us and bounced around enough that it ended up in front of us.

I didnít mind leaving early, and not just because I didnít care about the teams that were playing. I had enough sun and fresh air for one day. I protected myself fairly well, but I did get slightly singed on my face, neck and arms. Besides, we had to get there early enough to stand in line with a thousand Scouts for an hour in the parking lot before the game. By the sixth inning I felt as if Iíd stayed through a double header. And the boys were ready to leave anyway.

7 May 2006

Zack and D.J. outside the stadium.

Getting into the van to come home, I reached in and pulled myself up with the wrong hand. I could feel the pain shooting up my forearm to the elbow, and I winced and shuddered. I might even have moaned, and tonight the pain was so bad that I went online to try to make an appointment with my doctor. It turns out I donít have a password, so Iíll have to wait a few days until they mail me one. By that time, maybe the pain will have gone away.

And then I typed this entry, and it hurt even more.

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Baseball fans in Philadelphia who came out to tonightís game got to see Barry Bonds hit his 713th home run, but they also got to see their team win its eighth straight game. The Phillies took full advantage of seven walks issued by Giants pitchers and completed a sweep of the three-game series with an easy 9-5 victory.

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