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Monday, May 15, 2006

Although today was a little like swimming through a river of razor blades, I think I came out of it better than I went into it.

After less than two years, the Boss has decided to refinance The Kennel. Like, right now. He has an appointment with the banker tomorrow, and he needed all kinds of reports to showó something, Iím not sure what. All I know is that I got a phone call at four oíclock that made it clear I wasnít going anywhere tonight (not even D.J.ís school open house, which I had been looking forward to).

And I was up sick between 3:00 am and 4:00 am last night, and in the bathroom all morning, and ready for a nap well before noon, and totally not fit for human companionship at any point during the day. Plus, sneezing. After days free from most of the allergy symptoms Iíve had all my life, sneezing. Back with a vengeance.

Then tonight, out of the blue, the pain was gone. Well, nearly gone. I could twist my right arm around about halfway without a twinge, and the twinges when I went a little too far werenít all that bad. So Iím in a new thinking mode now. Iím afraid that it wonít hurt enough by the time I go to the doctor (May 31), and I donít want to show up without something to complain about.

11 May 2006

The garden area is the only part of the yard that's still overgrown.

So hereís the deal. I took the brace off and typed madly all afternoon (not that I had a choice, thanks to the Boss). And Iím thinking that the day before my appointment, I might mow the yard and whack the weeds and possibly make a rock garden (and/or dig a koi pond). Maybe itíll be time to change the water bottle again.

This plan isnít written in stone yet. Itís still in that fluid what-am-I-thinking stage.

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For at least one game, the Giants broke out of their sudden hitting-slash-pitching-slash-fielding slump. They put it all together and scored eight runs in the first three innings, including a grand slam by Pedro Feliz, and held off the Astros for nine and won, 10-1, behind Brad Hennessey, who pitched in and out of trouble over five innings, just enough to pick up his third win. The Astros left 17 runners on base in the game, nine during Hennesseyís five innings; it doesnít get much more frustrating than that.

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