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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Boss actually used the phrase ďgo number twoĒ to me on the phone today. It was my second conversation with him of the day, and he said that between the first time and this one, he had done the deed that had been eluding him during his whole hospital stay. I think I was almost as relieved as he was, because he sounded so much better. Afterward, that is.

The day didnít start out so well (for either of us, apparently). I talked with Julie this morning, and sheís a little too bitter for my comfort. I know she thinks Iím on her side, and I am, right up to the point where I have to say things I donít really believe. Iíve been there before, with friendsí divorces. Heck, I was with the Boss when he was going through the divorce from his ex, twenty years ago. Every time he started shouting into the phone back then, Iíd leave the office and go out for a cigarette break. And I donít even smoke.

The plan seems to change daily, but for now heís going to live at his exís house. Anyone with a long memory for pointless details will recall that the ex lives about seven miles from where I live. Thatís a less comforting thought than it might seem. He was going to be released from the hospital yesterday, and then again today, but heís still fighting infection and the doctors want to keep him around, so itís day to day.

The latest thing the Boss tells me is that heís going to hire someone to do what Julie has been doing for the company. I think heíll be surprised how much that entails, because we shielded him from a lot of the details. Most of it was busywork that he didnít want to have to deal with, but it all involves more work (and more knowledge) than he realizes. Itís just paperwork, mostly. But itís paperwork that was flowing pretty smoothly for the last few years, until all the upheaval of this month. Anyway, if we get the right person, maybe itíll work out.

15 April 2007

A spring day for the sunset oak.

Iím really living hour to hour more than day to day. There were moments today when I was in despair over the near future, because things have seemed to disintegrate so quickly over the last month. But when I look further down the road, I can see some resolution to the immediate problems, and even the possibility of a successful outcome. Itís getting from here to there that troubles me. Iím up for it, but is anyone else going to carry their share of the load? Thatís the weight that drags me down, during the bad hours.

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