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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My new duties seem to include being the Bossís brain. I keep hearing things like, ďYouíre going to have to help me remember this,Ē and, ďPut that on your list of things to have me follow up on.Ē

Just after the accident, Julie reported that he seemed a little out of it, but that was when he was drugged out on morphine, so I didnít put much stock in it. Then yesterday Tim rather pointedly asked me if I thought his dad was making sense. To be honest, Iím not sure what answer he was hoping for, but my answer was yes, he seemed completely lucid to me, and nearly back to his old self.

He sort of proved it today when he phoned me at least twice while he was en route from the hospital to his exís house, a distance of about a hundred miles. It was all business, all the time, although there were some things weíd talked about earlier that heíd obviously forgotten. Thatís not unusual, though. If merely forgetting things is a bad sign, then Iím living under a pretty humungous cloud myself.

He phoned me tonight from his new location to give me the phone and fax numbers where I can now reach him. Itís a good thing I already knew them, because he got pretty frustrated trying to read them off the phone, and he finally gave up. I assured him that if I needed to get in touch, Iíd find a way.

6 May 2007

Dugout and backstop.

So now I have a growing list of tasks that I have to do for him. Most are things he asked me to take care of, or things I need to ask him about, the same as always. But now I have a separate list that Iíve started on my own. This one includes everything I can think of that he might not think of on his own, or that Iím afraid he might forget. Iím not really worried, but the list is getting kind of long.

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