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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick, whatís the thing I least like to do on Saturday? Get up before noon, right? And yet I was up before 9:00 am to eat breakfast (an orange and a whole wheat bagel) before Eric came by so we could go to the Giants game. Yes, besides getting up early, I spent most of the day in the fresh air, and a lot of it walking up and down the ramps at AT&T Park and across the parking lot at the ferry terminal.

And what was the best part? Well, there were lots of good parts. It was all good, really, except for the game itself, which was kind of a disappointment in that the Giants lost and looked bad doing it. But the rest of it — spending the day with Eric, riding across the bay on the ferry, being at the ballpark, seeing a few great plays amidst the dross, finding a concession stand that sells veggie dogs — all that was good. Of course it was worth getting up early for.

Iím paying the price tonight. Iím exhausted and Iím really, really sore. My legs can feel all those ramps and my knees are crying with pain. Maybe the weather has something to do with it. It didnít rain on us at the game, except for a few sprinkles, but it came down in buckets while we were driving to the ferry. There was no guarantee the game would even be played, but it was actually more pleasant in San Francisco than anywhere else we were today. Dark and gray and cloudy, but pleasant, in its own way.

1 May 2009

I didn't take the camera to the game, but this shot was taken in the rain.

We had great seats, too, overlooking the field from behind the first base dugout. This game was my birthday present from Eric, but I hope we get to go again before the seasonís over. The game wasnít televised because Fox Sports thought weíd rather see the Mets and Phillies. (As it turned out, they were probably right.) The fact that television cameras werenít there and they didnít have to stretch out the time between innings to fit in all the commercials made the game go by quickly. Just like in the olden days. I remember the olden days. Some things were better then, whether we like to think so or not.

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Rockies 5, Giants 1. How Matt Cain lasted six innings I donít know. He couldnít find the strike zone, and when he did, the Rockies hit the ball a long way. He threw a lot of pitches and never looked like he could get through an inning without giving up a run. Meanwhile, the Giants hitters were completely mesmerized by the Rockies nondescript journeyman starter Jason Marquis. They didnít get a good swing off him all day until Pablo Sandovalís loud ninth-inning homer. Needless to say, it was too little, too late.

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